BookTube VS Libraries

I do not own a TV, of any kind! I am very proud of this and it does shock a few people when I mention it.

So I watch a LOT of YouTube, everyday, as I love the interaction I can have with other members of the community and even sometimes with the creator of the works.

BookTube is honestly my favorite part of the YouTube community, if you like having conversation about book recommendations or how you hated what happened to the characters in the book you just read, it is a great place to be a part of.

BUT! What annoys me is that a lot of the creators do “Book Hauls” and “Book Shelf Tours”, which can be interesting and honestly does my me jealous of their set up. Why aren’t they using the library if they love books so much? This has always been in the back of my mind when seeing my newsfeed/subbox/timelines/whatever the latest update will call it.

My partner bought me a book shelf and I love it!


As you can see, it is not full at all! That is because I loan the majority of my books out from my local library!

This is how I arranged my book shelf:

Bottom: academic books from my career thus far (mostly second hand to be fair)!.

Middle: read books that I love and will probably read again.

Top: TBR (to be read) books that I have been gifted or have bought with vouchers etc.

Slowly, picture frames and musical instruments have made their way into it, which I don’t mind as I love having somewhere to display them.

Although I do love the BookTube world, I am surprised that they do not recommend the local library more often. The books are FREE!

This is the idea that will be behind my own YouTube/BookTube channel.

What are your book shelves like? I had a bookcase, that was suitcase of books, before I was lucky to get this!

Do you use your local library? If not, why so?

Thanks for reading!

Jade x