Bio: MLIS working in the Education Library Sector as an Library Assistant. Originally from Cork, Ireland and now living in 'Granite City', Aberdeen in Scotland.

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  1. Hi, Uniquelibrarian! Your cyber-friend from across the pond, Mark Bialczak, suggested I ask you the question I posed on my blog, Odds&EndsfromErmigal (ermigal.wordpress.com) :about what year did libraries stop using the pocket and library card to track books? I hope you will give us an expert answer! You may really like the library socks I highlighted, too. They’re really cool. 🙂


    • Hi Ermigal!
      Thank you for your comment and viewing my blog.
      I am on a week off for a few days, so I can not give you an answer in from the public library for which I work now.
      We still have a card catalogue, which has not been used in my 6 months there so far. (I will take some photos too)!
      I will look it up for you and ask the librarians for which I work far to find out this information for you.
      I really like your blog, very well written and an enjoyable! Next week I will have a blog post just about this topic for you! 🙂


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