Indexing and Taxonomy Online Work

Hello Everyone 🙂

I hope you are all having a great week and are not too cold, in Aberdeen I can feel the weather change here and am wearing extra layers and my scarf!

I have managed to get an online job as a Quality Assurance Indexer with Bloomsbury Publishing (yes, I am very excited that I can say this)!

What I do in my role, every indexer is different so please do not take this as a definition of the profession as a whole, the easiest way to explain is adding filters to images.

If you do any online shopping, you would have seen some “Filter Searchers” where you click things like, “Free P&P only”, “UK Only”, “Black”, “Size 8” etc. etc. Someone has been going through every image and have clicked the taxonomy (or if you have listed the item you are able to do this yourself).

So! I get an image like this royalty free one below:

So for this shirt, I would have to click the following:

T Shirt, White, Red, Chelsea Collar, Polo Shirt.

This seems pretty simple, but you can imagine doing over 100 images a day can be very difficult to do without losing your mind and going cross eyed, but….. I love doing this. It helps me focus, I can do it on my iPad while my partner plays GTAV on the couch.

I am able to work this around my life and my current job, it is great to help an archiving/indexing project, having a toe in the “information profession” world! 🙂

My epic friends is help me with my business cards and am really excited I can add BMus and MSc them.

Do you have any books you would like me to read?

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Jade x