Job Hunting and Application Forms – UGH!

My contract is coming to an end in the public library for which I work now.

It is sad, but I think that I have earned a lot a great skills and I can show them off on my CV (which I really should put up on here but I have to figure it out….)

You have found your dream job, you think you have the skill set required and your resume is the best one in the world……. but what about the cover letter?

I have this DOWN! I can sell my self to the best companies in the world right about now, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Application forms are awful, I do not care what any HR person says, they are so annoying and long and really make you drink a bottle of wine after you questions everything you have done with your and you amount to nothing! *insert silly meme here* Did you ever stop to wonder….. maybe they are hard for a reason? I take 2 days to fill out application forms that I want for a great job. Here are the steps I take:

1. Is there a save for later button? Great! I will be using that, a lot.
2. Is there a list of skills and/or desired criteria they are looking for? CTRL + C and CTRL + V that into the application questions section or a Google Doc.
3. Word vomit. Write my heart out. This is an amazing job yes, but you need to prove that you are an amazing as it. *Do not quote Whitney Houston “The Greatest Love of All”, I did this at 2am and read it back the next day, see? Save button!*
4. Now you have done that, reword the job description, synonymous all over the place!
5. Proof reader, someone besides you. Little things like “its” instead of “it’s” will be seen and you will be so happy you didn’t send it.
7. Sleep on it.
8. Now attack it will all your energy, envision yourself as that librarian in that science institute/teacher in that school/insert awesome job title to you here.
9. Read it over again.
10. Send it.

Applications can be easy, depending on which site you are using.

Cover letters are a bit more complicated….. And I find it more fun! *glutton for punishment*
No matter what profession you want you will have to use a computer, the internet and email.
You will have to send letters to people and show you know how the layout of a letter is supposed to be. Your cover letter is proving you can do this. Here is what I do:

1. Write out the correct layout for it, here is a link to a Google Doc I made as an example: Please do not leave the items in bold in that font settings, that is to show you!
2. Date it correctly, again I take 2 days to write one.
3. Again, copy and paste the job description and reword it.
4. Write about aspects of your CV which are tailored for this role, you are trying to sell yourself!
5. Proof reader, again to someone who will be honest and change the odd spelling mistake.
7. Sleep on it.
8. Read what you have written and see if it flows nicely, make sure you only have three paragraphs which speak about how you are well suited to the roll, make the fourth one about how the company is great and you would love to work with them.
9. Read it over again.
10. Send it.

I am aware of the repeating of the steps I have detailed, but I honestly do this EVERY-TIME I am applying for jobs.

Please let me know if you are liking the direction that my blog is going in, I am really enjoying writing about my experiences, hopefully they will help some other MLISers out there!


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