Love Letters to the Library

This week at work we were asked to write a Love Letter to the Library for Book Week Scotland.

The event is running from 24th-30th November in Scottish libraries!

I have never written a love letter, or received one. (Don’t feel sorry for me, I probably would have laughed at the person who would have tried)!

There are so many things I love about libraries in general:

The free access.
The choice!
The stacks.
The smell of the books from the local studies department.
The amazement I still get when I see a really old book that is hand written about a topic.
The sense of community you can have, especially if you are far from home.
You can take home 10 books from the library I work in, not that I have time to read 10 in a month, but 10 whole books! (And four DVDs/CDs)!
The librarians and human contact that you can have, if you need help they will jump to assist you (in most libraries I frequent) and you feel like the topic has been opened up to your mind and refocused your efforts in the topic you are researching.
The ease of access when you need to look stuff up online and the IP address do their magic!
Sitting for hours upon hours reading a book that you can escape in and the silence which, sometimes, can be a blessing.

Working the library can have very different, but I still enjoy coming to work everyday.

As they say, you never work a day in your life if you love what you do!

If you would like more information about the events, please go to



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