The Power of saying “Thank You!”

Working with the public can be tough, you have good days and bad days, in any sector.

Being thanked can mean a lot to people, even myself have had a little bit of a blushed face upon accepting a compliment or praise. (That could be considered an Irish thing, but I will not be talking about that here)!

I have been asked, on numerous occasions, what do librarian do?

There are many daily tasks that could be discussed here, but it all boils down to one thing, “helping people.”

A person doesn’t understand how to use a computer, you help them.

A patron can not find a book on the shelves, you help them.

A library member needs help to check if they are on the voters register for the Independence Referendum for their region, you help them.

The common denominator, is helping people.

My title is “Library Assistant”, so it goes even goes in the job description, we are here to assist the patrons. It is strange the queries that are on the KPI’s per day, with even the same patrons asking the same questions every week…. it can test your patience!

As previously mentioned in my last post I have worked with the public in different sectors. Those people who are asking the same questions every day, it might be only human contact throughout their day where they can connect with someone and have a conversation.

I always try my best to think about I am treating them daily, as I can not expect to receive respect for not showing any to them myself.

Imagine the last time you were thanked at work… Didn’t it help the day go faster?! Always say thank you for services you use, it will help everyone along with their day.


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